Sean Blanton is a designer and photographer in Seattle, WA

I like making things that have a positive impact on the people who use them.

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I’m a designer who wants to solve complex problems in simple, impactful ways. I live in Seattle, Washington. If you’d like to get in touch, please send me an email. If you’re in Seattle, let’s meet up for coffee. I’d love to chat.


Selected Works

Email Client Concept


Image Asset Management Redesign

Research, Design, Prototyping

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This site was designed and developed by myself with HTML5, Sass, and a little bit of JQuery. As far as CSS goes, I learned a lot from FAT’s article on Medium’s CSS. Grid system help came from Susy . I used Grunt to manage the build and precompile the Scss into CSS. Everything is hosted on a virtual server with Digital Ocean and version controlled with Git. Thanks to HTML5Boilerplate and _s for a great starting point for the theme. The backend is controlled by WordPress.