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Hey There!

I am an experience design practitioner, user advocate, photographer, designer, and book lover in Seattle, Washington. For the past three years I've been in a variety of roles at Nordstrom's e-commerce photography studio where I've had the opportunity to learn from the best creatives in the industry. I've worked closely with art directors, producers, photographers, and other business partners in a fast-paced, rapidly growing and evolving environment that demands efficiency. The roles I've held have helped me understand how to approach problems from multiple sides, seeking a balance between business goals, customer needs, and quality content creation. 

I've been working towards building my user experience toolkit through online courses and self-practice. I've evaluated pre-existing internally developed software for usability issues and been an advocate for positive change on behalf of its users. To see the results, take a look at my website (Please request the password by contacting me). I enjoy articulating my ideas and receiving critical feedback about my work. 

I'm endlessly fascinated by learning new things.This fascination for learning translates into a holistic approach to product design. In an effort to better understand how to build great products, I've taught myself HTML/CSS as well as fundamentals in Objective-C. Understanding some of the technical side helps me to have more meaningful conversations about how to solve user's problems. In my free time, you can find me reading up on how bias affects our decision making, tinkering with code, attending writing workshops, or just reading for pleasure. 

I'm interested in helping to solve challenging, ambitious problems through experimentation and careful consideration into not just how to do something, but why to do it.